Location Location Location!

The Jungle (NoT)

This is my incredibly talented friend Jessica! Wanted to introduce her early on since we shoot a lot together so it is very likely you will see her quite often. She is an incredible makeup artist that can bring any girls inner beauty out for the world to see and I love her and follow her work religiously! I mean not only is she stunning but she is an absolutely an incredible person! (more of her info down bellow.)

Shot with a Canon 5DM4 50.8 and a Profoto B10

Getting these awesome shots.

As soon as my absolutely awesome friend stepped out of her car and I tell her exactly where we will be shooting she lets out a sigh and says "I don't know why I was expecting something easy from this session" LOL! I am not going to lie, getting to this beautiful location cost us a pair of sandals and our noses. These beautiful shots say nothing about the incredibly strong smell we had to endure during our amazing adventure just to get you, my amazing 1992 Portraits Fam Bam, these absolutely breath taking shots. If you have shot with me before you know that most of the locations I shoot at are places that people sorta skim over and don't think twice of it.

Ellen Trout Zoo Lufkin, TX

Tip on finding a great location:

When you book a portrait session through 1992 Portraits you can either let me shoot at a location of my choice or find a location of your own. What makes a good location good is that there is plenty of space to move the subject around to get different looks to your portraits. This photo is a great example of finding a location with multiple background looks. How many of you have seen this jewel at the zoo?

Here’s how to spot a great location:

  1. Space to roam around to get different angles.

  2. Shaded areas.

  3. Different looks.

  4. Space between background and subject/model.

  5. No immediate danger.

  6. Interesting backgrounds but not extremely distracting. (Exceptions apply ex. Graffiti walls)

  7. Having leading lines to lead to the subject/model

  8. S Curves


Want to contact Jessica Baker for your next event? Give her a quick call/text and tell her you come from the 1992 Fam Bam @ 936.465.4493 promise she will take amazing care of you!

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